Writer’s Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Amoize Magazine.

Most of our stories will be a collaboration between you, the author, and us, the magazine staff. This collaboration may involve phone interviews, faxes, e-mail, postal mail and overnight delivery. Because of the collaborative nature of this process, we need to be able to contact you. Please include all your contact information with your submission and let us know which method you prefer: phone, e-mail or regular mail.

We Edit Everything We Publish

Because of space and theme considerations, we edit all stories. One page of copy equals about 500 words. Most stories we will publish in our Readers Room department will be  under that limit.

The Story

We are interested in timely stories about current issues, spirituality, African personalities, businesses, sports, healthcare, education, African arts and culture, architecture and urban life, history, food, shopping, music and nightlife, recreation and the environment.

Before we go to print, we will send you a copy of your story (as modified) for your review before it is printed. At that time, you may approve or disapprove (but not re-edit) the story. Of course, you may change inaccuracies.

We Will Want Photographs
If we select your story, we will want photographs. Please send several photographs so our graphic designer may choose the one most appropriate to the layout. If your story involves an activity, we will want a picture of that. Pictures must be clear and undamaged. We need to receive your photographs as soon as possible after we request them. Remember, our magazine will go to over 100,000 people, so you will want to look your best. If possible, have a professional photographer take pictures of you rather than try to find a snapshot of yourself from the past. If you are using a digital camera, set it on the highest resolution setting.

Thanks For Helping Us Meet Our Deadlines

Deadlines are important to Amoize Magazine. 
At the time we send you your story for approval, we will be on deadline. At that point in our process, the story has been sized and shaped for a particular spot and focus. You will only have time to read the story, call, e-mail or fax us with your changes — facts only — and approve or disapprove the story. We cannot accommodate re-writes at that stage. We will also send you a copyright transfer form that you will need to sign. This form gives us permission to print your piece. It does not give us ownership in it, only the right to print it in the magazine and reprint it on our website. You may still submit your story to other publications so long as it is not the exact rendition published in Amoize Magazine. Without a signed copyright transfer form, we cannot publish your story.

Your Reward

You will receive two copies of the issue in which your story appears. You can request more copies prior to publication, and we will do everything we can to accommodate your request. Please keep your requests reasonable as we do have budgetary restrictions. Information and resources listed in Amoize Magazine are for informational purposes only and do not constitute any endorsement or recommendation by the magazine. E-mail submissions are encouraged. Send them to story@amoize.com.

Once again, we appreciate your interest.

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